We developed this website for cameramen and women around the world, to help making finding each other that little bit easier. Shooters can register their details, list what equipment they use, upload their show reel and provide other useful information such as clients and productions they have been involved in if they so wish, and there is no charge for signing up.

This platform hasn't been created as a moneymaking tool, but to establish a database of camera folk who might wish to use each other's services from time to time. The idea arose last year whilst I was trying to hire a cameraman for a shoot in Berlin, and it was really hard work finding someone.

Hopefully after a number of months when the site has been running for a while, we might start to build up a decent database of operators from around the world. For example if you wanted to find a list of operators in the New York area, you'd just type that into the search box on the home page, and a list would appear. Once you enter your location on the registration page, that location would appear automatically on the location list so someone may find you in a search!

The aim of the site is just to make life easier to find help and connect with other camera operators out there. And also perhaps, just to find out who else might be around the corner.

Globalshooters.tv is owned and run by a London based Video Production Company www.sparkyfilm.com